Super Sunday!

No, this isn’t another post about the Super Bowl. And I’m feeling chatty, so just settle in for a long post.

It’s about the great day that was yesterday.

We celebrated Ike’s first Holy Communion and finally had Sam’s postponed birthday party.

It was one of those days that is stellar from beginning to end. Smiles all around and even a few tears of joy…

Here’s a picture of the first Communicants:

I have to tell you that being able to celebrate this milestone with such a wonderful group of friends made the day even more special!

There was a cake at church after the service(were you able to get the cake Jacquie??):

And then we had a party for both boys at home.

This is a fantastic photo of Sam. He is getting ready to blow out his candles (really? That explains the cake with all the candles on it.), but under the table is a cell phone that he has used to dial our house phone which is why he is looking to his right, that is where the phone is.

I was rushing to the phone and he was getting a big kick out of tricking his mother. When you are 11, fooling your mother is just about the funniest thing ever! Anyway, I love the mischievious grin on his face that shows off his dimples.

Here’s one more picture of Ike on his big day:

Isn’t he the handsome young man? How can he be old enough for his first Communion?

It’s a blessing that my boys are surrounded by family and friends that love and support them as they grow up!

In short (too late, Jane, too late), a good time was had by all.

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  1. But the highlight of the day may have been the great Children’s Sermon given by the blog’s author…bravo! What a fun day it was on Sunday for all involved.

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