Warning! Parental bragging ahead!

It’s been a fews day without a post about my wonderful children, and I know you are just biting your fingernails down to the nubs in anticipation of a new one!

It just so happens that a piece of Ike’s artwork was entered by his art teacher into the Mastadon Art and Science fair. (Sam’s science project was not picked to go, but he was ROBBED, I tell ya!)

Anyway, we went as a family to view his artwork at the fair last Saturday. Here is a lovely shot his 3D cookie watch picture:

I have to tell you that the idea of a cookie watch is just brilliant! It tells the time and functions as a snack all in one. I suppose it wouldn’t be very practical as it would be a one use item, but still, it’s brilliant! (Hey, it’s my kid, I’m supposed to use brilliant 3 times in 4 sentences when I talk about him!)

When we visited the art fair, the exhibits had not been judged. But on Thursday, in the parking lot of Shop n Save, we found out from Ms. Falconnier (the world’s coolest art teacher) that Ike had gotten first place!

I’m pretty sure that Shop n Save is not an official location for the award ceremony of the Mastadon art fair, but since we had parked right next to Ms. Falconnier, and she had the awards in her car, we had the medal bestowing right there next to the cart corral!

Unfortunately, I was unprepared for the impromptu award ceremony and did not have my camera. But here is a picture of the proud young man and his blue ribbon at home:

Congratulations, Ike!


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2 responses to “Warning! Parental bragging ahead!

  1. Way to go Ike!!! Today, Mastadon Park…tomorrow the Cairo Museum for your work. Nice job!

  2. A cookie watch!! Why didn’t I think of that? Ike needs to call those Girl Scouts post-haste!Congratulations, Ike! (You’re totally right — he is brilliant. As is Sam. And handsome. And winsome. You’re kids are awesome.)

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