Wildlife and pseudo-wildlife I saw on my run this morning

Ok, in the real life wildlife category we have a lovely bluebird. Said bluebird followed me by hopping from fence post to fence post until he ran out of posts and flew up into the trees. He made me smile and did not poop on my head as I feared he might. He also made me say, “Thank you!” to the Creator. (Does that count as church?) Also real was the thing in the tall grass by the railroad tracks that I have no idea what it was. It was huge and flat and disappeared into the grass. A giant turtle? Perplexing! Lots of birds and squirrels and a rabbit also were around this morning.

Pseudo wildlife include sawhorses that I thought were deer, a log I thought was an armadillo, and a stick I thought was a snake. You might say I need glasses, I say it was freakin’ early and the sweat was in my eyes! All in all a very good run!

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