Let’s say that you are out on a cool and cloudy Saturday afternoon, taking a walk in a lovely wooded park. You are walking on a wide paved trail (it’s actually what used to be a street through a subdivision), enjoying your music, the brisk weather, the exercise. Now, walking in front of you is a woman with two dogs on leashes. You notice that she is having some difficulty with the dogs. They are medium to largish dogs and are very excited. They are bouncing along the trail, pulling at the leashes, going in opposite directions. At one point, she does some kind of spin around thing to untangle the leashes. And then, oh no!, her ipod is falling out of her pocket and as she is rearranging and putting earbuds back in, she removes one of her gloves and it falls to the ground. This all happens while she is continuing to walk.

Question: Do you call out to the woman? Alert her to the mishap? Maybe yell something like, “Hey crazy dog lady! You dropped your glove, you may want to get it!” Or something else along those lines. You could maybe even pick it up and hand it to her. (Crazy idea, I know!) Or, do you choose the schmuck way and just let her continue walking for a quarter mile until she goes to put her glove back on and discovers that it isn’t under her arm where she had tucked it while she wrangled with leashes and earbuds?

Question: When said woman realizes she has dropped her glove and now has to turn around and go back a quarter mile to get it and that you had to have noticed her glove falling to the ground way back there and chose not to tell her, is it ok for her to set loose the hounds on your inconsiderate ass?

Final question: Do you know how hard it is to clean up the dogs when they are all schmutzic?


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2 responses to “Questions

  1. I'm guessing that you are the woman who dropped the glove, yes?

  2. I was that woman. And I refrained from loosing the hounds. Although the man clearly deserved to be loosed upon.

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