My breakfast for the last few days.

More accurately, this is what I have had as a starter to the start of the day.  A breakfast appetizer, if you will. It made me pity the younger me who would turn up her nose at tomatoes and claimed to hate them!  Sad, so sad. 

   It appears that I have become a “gardener.”  My favorite time of day now is early morning when I am outside looking at my garden, picking what is ripe, watering, checking to see how the plants are faring.  Laugh at me if you want, but this morning I had the greatest feeling of contentment as I was picking a ripe tomato and some basil leaves and a few mint sprigs, planning how good the tomato and basil would taste together and how wonderful the fresh mint would be in my tea.  I had to laugh at myself for having a momentary fit of “Martha Stewartness.”   

I am already making plans for next year’s garden.   There will be green beans!

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