Google It

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I know very little about this blogging thing. But then maybe you’ve figured that out long ago.

I wanted to find out how to use a hyperlink. And even more embarrassingly, I had no idea that it’s called a hyperlink. I only knew it as “the blue text that you can click on”. The answer to everything is on the interwebs. So I googled. And there was my answer.

Now to link you to something interesting. Hmmm.

How about a list of reviews for the novel I am reading now? Here they are.

Or maybe a recipe for Vanilla Bean Scones from Pioneer Woman?

I’m enjoying the book (it seems that not everyone does) and the scones were delicious (if a little pricey to make)!

A bientot, j’espere!

P.S. The ultimate in embarrassment is realizing that your spelled embarrass wrong-twice. Thank dog for the proofread button.

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