It’s a Doggie Dog World

Title courtesy of  “Modern Family”.  What a great show!

I took the dogs for a walk in the city park last week.  I do that fairly often.  Not as often as the dogs would like, but a few times a month anyway.  They love it.  Have I mentioned that my dogs are spoiled?

This time I took the camera along.

Hello there, Deer.

Aren't you going to run away?

Anytime now!

Aren't you afraid of the dogs?

We came upon this lovely deer at the one-mile marker.  She stayed and stayed and stayed.  All the while, scenes from “When Animals Attack” played through my mind.  She finally ran away when I raised my voice and said, “I’d love it if you vacated the roadway now! Please!”  I’m badass like that.

Then we rounded the corner and ran straight into this-

When the shit hits the fan, I'm coming to the park for food.

Good lard.  The place is lousy with deer!  This one didn’t want to run away either.  But Charley finally saw it (such observant dogs!) and started springing up and down and doing what I call his “Insane in the Membrane” dance.  The deer wanted no part of the crazy and took his leave of us.

Something that smells REALLY good lives in this tree!!!!!

Near the end of the walk, we came upon this hollow tree.  It smelled so interesting there that we had to stay for about 10 minutes while they sniffed and sniffed until their sniffers were sore.  Well, not really. They sniffed until I dragged them away because they were slowing me down!

Happy dogs!

In this house, it really is a doggie-dog world!


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2 responses to “It’s a Doggie Dog World

  1. Beth

    Do they play at the Dog Park there, too? I think it’s hilarious to imagine Z and Charley capering about with the yorkies and other wee dogs…

  2. Alas, they have never played at the dog park. I think I would need reinforcements to take them there.

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