My Poor Children

So, I’m about to reveal something about myself that you may find shocking.  Something that will make you shake your heads in wonder and ask yourself, “How can that BE? She seems so ‘normal’.”

Ready?  Ok.  Here it is: I don’t have cable.  Or satellite. Or any wired up television of any fashion.  We get the TV that comes out of the air.  We get 9 channels.  That includes 4 different PBS channels. My kids will tell you that not having cable is akin to child abuse and will ask you to call 1-800-4achild for them. 

The only reason we don’t have cable is because when we moved here, we couldn’t afford it.  Or rather we decided that the 80 or so dollars a month could be better spent on other things.  It’s not that I have anything against cable.  There is even a part of me that wonders if not having cable is bad. It can be a hindrance.  I find that I don’t recognize anyone on the cover of gossip magazines and it can be difficult to make small talk at parties when everyone is talking about what Snookie did this week or which teenage mom is the worst. And if anyone mentions any of the multitude of Real Housewives, I’m lost.  I also wonder if my kids will hate me years from now when they are sitting around playing Trivial Pursuit and they can’t answer any of the TV questions.  I think I’ll start a savings account for the therapy they are sure to need because we deprived them of a “normal” childhood. 

Then, something kind of cool happened.  Out of the blue, we discovered a couple of new digital channels.  Music video channels.  With real music videos. That’s all they play-music videos!  It is ah-MAZE-ing!

They play all kinds of music.  One of the first videos we saw was a Johnny Winter video. And then the next video was Katy Perry. Next was the Commodores and then Kanye West. Can you say diversified styles?  I knew you could. 

And it was there that I discovered new band. Maybe they are just new to me and maybe you already know them and love them (or hate them, as the case may be). They are called, “The Temper Trap”.  Their music is sort of 80’s, but not too much.  

Here they are covering Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  And if you do like it, check out the videos for “Sweet Disposition” and “My Sun”. 


Now, when U-verse gets to my neighborhood, I may change my tune and find a way to fit it into the budget.  But for now, we’re doing just fine with the free stuff floating around in the air.


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3 responses to “My Poor Children

  1. Elizabeth Hilts

    You may well be the coolest person I know.

  2. That can’t possibly be true! But it tickles me pink to have you say that! See? I just contradicted all the coolness by saying “tickles me pink”.

  3. ellen brda

    You ARE the coolest person I know!

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