They Say It’s Your Birthday…

Oh man, I’m getting day 9’s post in right under the wire, aren’t I?

 It’s late and I had this whole elaborate birthday post written in my head, but there’s no way to make that come out in a way that will end up making sense.  Hell, THIS post may not end up making sense.  So, for all of our benefits, I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet. (It could be too late for that too.) 

November 9th is the birthday shared by two people I love dearly, my niece Jessica and my dad.  Jessica was born on my dad’s 62nd birthday and to say he was happy about that was putting it mildly. 

Here are a few things these two wonderful people have taught me:

 Jessica has  taught me that anything is possible if you work hard enough and you want something bad enough.  She has shown me that sheer determination counts for so much when you are trying to achieve your goals.  She has taught me that being strong and trying to do things on your own is good, but that it’s also ok to ask for help when you need it.  And from the time that she was a wee little girl, she’s taught me and the world that a smile can brighten even the gloomiest day and that laughing can get you through just about any bad spot.  She’s also loving and kind and beautiful. I’m proud of her, can you tell?

My dad, Merlin, was the hardest working man I’ve ever known (At one time he worked 3 jobs).  He taught me that taking care of your family is the most important job in the world.  He taught me that laughter is the best medicine.  He taught me that being strong in the face of pain and illness sometimes means realizing when to give up the fight. He was a fabulous cook and he was a “foodie” before the word was invented. He taught me that you can always put more seasoning in, but it’s impossible to take it out once you’ve overdone it with the salt. He taught me to shake the popcorn in the pot the entire time it is on the stove.  He showed me and my brothers what real love was in the way he treated our mom. We never had to wonder if our parents loved one another (Always three small kisses when he came home or left the house for any reason) and I think that may have been his greatest gift to us.  I miss him, can you tell?

Happy 26th birthday to Jess!  Mmmmmmwah! (I was only 1 when she was born. :D)

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  1. Jean Hitchcock

    Awesome Post! I was pretty lucky to be a part of your family. Jessica was a beautiful sweet baby and it’s so fun to see her posts on FB and know she’s a great Mom and has such a wonderful sense of humor! I’ll say it again…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA.

    And Merlin. What can I say, he was the epitome of someone who was quiet but still, you could feel his powerful love around you. He was so good to Ashley and he was so good to me. You know, Dave reminds me so much of him. He is quiet but his love for Ashley is always there. She always feels it’s presence. I’ll never forget when I would go to your parents house to visit when Dave was in the gulf. Merlin would come home, give Doris a kiss, pat her on the bottom and go to change and clean up. I would pepper her with questions about their history, how they met and how they fell in love. I loved to hear her stories and look at the pictures of their life as a young couple. They were so sweet with each other. Also…Man! Merlin’s Chili was THE BOMB!!!

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