It’s a man thang

Listen, I’m more than grateful that my lovely husband will go to the grocery store for me. He is always very good about getting what I want, checking the brand or the variety or the size of something.  He’s even gone so far as to write down everything on the label before he leaves to make sure he gets exactly the right thing.  So, I never worry about sending him to the store for most things. I’m sure your man is the same way, yes?

There is one thing, however, that I will tell you never to send a man to the store to buy-bananas.

Ladies and gentlemen, that man will bring home to you the BIGGEST bananas available.  I think the thought process goes something like this, “Bigger is better.  Bigger is always better. When I bring these big bananas home, she’s going to love them.” 

Your husband will bring those giant bananas home and thunk those things down on the counter and give you a look that says, “Huh? Huh?  Now THOSE are some bananas.  I got the big ones for you.”*

And that is how I ended up with obscenely large bananas. 

I offer photographic evidence.

Bigger than the blender!

Double the size of my cell phone!

Much bigger than my hand <insert giggles here>

Sweet lard! It's almost as big as the box of foil!

What? As big as a hardback book? Incredible!

Now, really. That is a full-size Butterfinger bar. (I don't know how it got out of Ike's Halloween stash...)

Bigger than two, two, two ipod nanos

Much bigger than a votive holder

The lego man is going to help me out and chop it in half using his halberd <---new vocab word!

Much bigger than a trade paperback. Sorry, Elizabeth Berg.

As big as Charley's head!

I've seen the light! Bigger really is better. (for bananas, of course)

Bigger than the laptop keyboard


*This is purely conjecture on my part.  Obviously, as a woman, I can never fully understand what happens in the male mind.


Tiny Jacob looks even tinier next to the banana behemoth!


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3 responses to “It’s a man thang

  1. Beth

    What about Tiny Jacob? Is the banana taller than him? (inquiring minds want to know!)

  2. Ellen Brda

    that is one BIG banana! Our men are still top bananas in my book (hard cover or paperback trade).

  3. Jean Hitchcock

    Thank you for giving me the biggest gigantic banana sized laugh of my whole week.

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