Against the wind…

Nope, not that Bob Seger song.  And yes, I happen to like Bob Seger.  Actually, I would say that I liked Bob Seger. Back in the day.  Which I have no business saying. Back in the day. My kids are always telling me that I am not allowed to say any phrase that is considered “cool”. I am not cool.  At least to them, I’m not. They’ll one day wise up and realize just how amazingly cool I am. 



Anyway, I just got home from bell choir practice. (And if that doesn’t prove just how cool I am, nothing will!) In my brain, I’ve been pondering all kinds of deep and profound things to write about in my blog, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need me telling you anything deep and profound.



Wait, can we all just read that up there again. I just admitted to liking Bob Seger and playing in a bell choir. All my street cred has been shot to hell, hasn’t it? Oh, that’s right, I’m not supposed to say things like “street cred”. sigh



I really have no idea what I’m writing anymore. 



Something about wind. Oh yeah, I heard about this crazy dude trying to sail around the globe backwards. No, his boat isn’t going rudder first and he isn’t planning on sailing with his back turned, looking over his shoulder.  This guy is going to go the wrong way and sail from west to east going against prevailing winds and currents. Crazy, si? He’s doing it for the challenge, and I get that. Challenging ourselves is good. But, (and here is where deep and profound comes in . Or not.) we all expend such effort going against the wind in our lives. The winds that come and push us around and that we resist and lament. Instead of wind, insert fate or stress or troubles or whatever it is you feel has taken over your life that you are trying to fight against.  What energy that takes!  And it takes forever to get anywhere when you’re going against the wind.  What if you used those “winds”, harnessed them in your sails and directed where they were going to take you?  Could you end up somewhere fantastic? It may not even be where you were initially heading, but it could be somewhere even better than your original destination. Here ends the sermon for Tuesday.

Deep and profound? Not so much. 



Cool and awesome? Awwwww, yeah!



And if my liking Bob Seger at one time in my life changes your good opinion of me, forget I shared that! 





P.S. I totally should have titled this “The answer is blowin’ in the wind”. 


P.P.S. I am really old, have I mentioned that?

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