You can get some good deals at those NUD sales

How are you all celebrating this very special day? I put up my National Unfriend Day tree with its decorations of skull (skulls?) and crossbones, dead flowers, pictures with faces cut out of them-you know, all the classics. And then I logged onto facebook and I “unfriended” 6 people.




In case you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain. Jimmy Kimmel has declared that November 17th is National Unfriend Day on  facebook. Mr. Kimmel believes that “friendship is sacred” and that facebook is “cheapening it.” Now, why Mr. Kimmel gets to be an expert on the subject of friendship and facebook, I don’t know. But the idea has caught on and lots of folks have been talking about it. Just google “National Unfriend Day” and you’ll see what I mean. (And now I’m talking about it!)




After hearing about the idea a couple of days ago, I pondered if I would take part. There were several “friends” that I hadn’t heard a peep from in months, and a couple that were posting things that I felt uncomfortable reading, one was a child who, when I friended (friended? really? what has this world come to?) her, I thought was an adult acquaintance.  Turns out this child was using her mother’s name because she was too young to have a facebook account of her own. But even with all that, I had decided just to hide them from my newsfeed.  (Right about now, if you don’t use facebook, you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Sorry.) Hiding them seemed less harsh, less confrontational. I don’t like confrontation. Not one little bit.  And then there is my belief that you can never have too many friends. Add to that my own experience with being “unfriended”, and you will see that this wasn’t a simple thing for me to do.




But, this morning I woke up with the words “a choice has to be made” in my head. And so I heeded the inner voice (much better to heed its commands than to spend all day arguing with it. My inner voice is quite persistent when it wants to be.) and logged on to facebook and proceeded to go through and cull friends from my friends list. It worked out not to be all that big of a deal, but you know me, I love to angsty-angst about every livin’ thing!




Everyone left on my list is someone that I am happy to call my friend, and they add humor and fun and interesting insights into my day.  (Well, there is that one that I just can’t work up the nerve to…Um, never mind that last part there.)




If you would like to participate in NUD, here is an article of things to consider when deciding whether to keep or delete someone as a facebook friend-“10 Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook”.




Happy NUD to all and to all a good night! 





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