Don’t Tell the Children…

Today, Russ and I had a day alone.  The kids were at school, but we both had a day off work.  So we did what couples do when they find themselves alone-oh yes, we did-something we can’t tell the kids about, something that may border on sinning.  We even took pictures!  Shocking!
Then I remind myself that it’s a natural thing.  Nothing to cause shame.  It may even be a necessary thing for a couple’s relationship. 
I’m just going to go ahead and confess to you all and hope the boys never come across this photo…

OMG! I can't believe we took pictures!


We went out to the boy’s FAVORITE restaurant for lunch!  WITHOUT THEM!  Fitz’s Root Beer.  I feel so guilty. What kind of monsters are we?  But I can tell you all that while I was eating those hot, crispy sweet potato waffle fries and drinking my root beer out of my frosty mug, I wasn’t thinking about the children.  Nopers, I was not.

And no, of course we didn’t have root beer floats-that would have just been bordering on the obscene! 




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2 responses to “Don’t Tell the Children…

  1. Jean Hitchcock

    Bow chicka bow bow!!!!

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