History lesson…


Riding side-saddle, the way all proper Pilgrim ladies rode the turkey (which is NOT a euphemism, no matter what you think.)


Little known Thanksgiving fact: The Pilgrim women used to ride the ginormous (<—-actual word. It’s in the dictionary and everything!) turkeys they found here in the new world. They did so while carrying the bountiful harvest they picked from their gardens.  The giant birds were so friendly that they not only put up with being ridden, but even went so far as to wear the stylish buckle hats that were all the rage with the Pilgrim men.  This lovely statue is a darling depiction of that much simpler time…


Hope you all were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with your families and friends!







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  1. Pattie and Steve

    Really I did not know this! Funny that looks very similar to my Pilgram from Thanksgiving–thank you for teaching us something new about the First Thanksgiving…Interesting story

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