There is still time to shop!

Ok, you’ve left the shopping too long and now you’re in a panic!  There are only hours left to shop before the big celebration tomorrow and you wish you had started shopping sooner.  No worries, my friend!  I’m here to help you with some gift suggestions. I mean, who better to advise you than the birthday girl herself! 
What?  You thought I was talking about Chanukah?  No, no, no.  You haven’t forgotten my birthday, have you? It’s tomorrow!  But like I said, there’s still plenty of time for the purchasing of birthday goodies! 
One of the best and quickest gifts is a gift card.  Borders is good.  Borders and I had a wee falling out over the delivery of my copy of Mockingjay, but that was months ago and I’ve decided to go ahead and let them realize they were wrong and forgive them.  I’m so glad we’ve put that behind us and can move on with our book purchasing relationship.  So, just stop by any Borders and pick up a card.  I’ll acted surprised when I open it!
I’m not picky.  Any old thing will do, really! It’s the thought that counts.  My favorite color is red, so if you are thinking of buying me one of them there new camaros, a red one would be just perfect.  And a sun roof is a must.  Heated seats too, please.  It gets cold here in Missouri.  And if you could please pronounce it as Miz-our-eeeee and not Miz-our-uh, that would make my day! 
I’d love a big old package of world peace.  And if you can deliver that, I will begin tithing to you immediately. 
Anything from here. Seriously, anything.  Just click on one of the lovely pieces and place the order.  (This is also a wonderful site for ordering your holiday gifts!)  See, I’m easy! 
And just as a precaution, I’d like to point out a couple items I absolutely do not want.  Again, this is just to make things easier on *you*.   You’re welcome!

No, just no


And also, nyet to this-

You can also skip this (although I see the usefulness of it on a bad hair day)

I could wear one of these when I drive the boys to the bus stop!


None of those are what you were thinking of for me?  Ok, here’s what I really, really want-

Now THAT says Happy Birthday!




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