They say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too, yeah!

It’s my birthday today!  Did you hear?  I hope you took advantage of all the sales the stores have been running in honor of the occasion.  I completely understand if you ordered me something on Cyber Monday and it still needs to be delivered.  I’ve asked them to change that to the second Monday in November so that I wouldn’t have to wait for my gifts, but thus far, I’ve been unable to convince those in charge of the interwebs to do that.  Oh well, age brings patience. And xanax!  I’ve heard tell that it brings xanax as well.  I guess I’m not quite old enough for that yet, but it gives me something to look forward to! (or something to which to look forward? Nope.  Something to anticipate?  Better. Something that gives hope for the future? Exactly right!) 

I am blessed to have such wonderful people help me get year 46 started off on the right foot! (Or is that year 47? I think it will be my 47th year.  Sweet lard.  I wasn’t depressed until just now! What the hell. Where’s the wine?) Anywise, let’s get back to the happy, happy, joy, joy part of the day.  I am only 46 today.  Only. 

Want to see my loot?  Hmm? Do ya? Do ya?  I have to say that some folks were paying attention to the gift-giving guidelines! 

Now this is some great birthday booty!


My squid ornaments! They make me look forward to Christmas!

And two, two, TWO things from Anna Ourth Jewelry! One says love and the other has my boys' names with their birthstones.

 You can also see that I have a book mark and a pair of teeny tiny orange slice earrings and some delicious smelling chai tea soap.  And the coolest recipe journal!  I’m stoked to start using it! Not to mention two bouquets of flowers and a lunch at the London Tea Room!  Wow!  I am spoiled!  And I am very thankful for every gift!  Birthdays are pretty awesome, si?

But the birthday gift that got the biggest reaction was one that was on my “do not buy this for me!” list.  My dear, sweet, quiet and completely hysterical friend Kati (you all have one of these friends, right? You know the one that, when you met her, seemed very demure and then all of a sudden she says something in her quiet voice and you realize that she is funny as hell and that you are most definitely going to be friends with her?  That’s Kati!) She picked something off the verboten list, but I have to say, it was a hit-

Aw, dudes! You have to admit, I am ROCKING this fake hair!


You know I look goooooood!


No one was left out of the fun!

Ike looks cool!



Sam is sad because his real hair doesn't look like this...

And this is what it would look like if he were running!


If he doesn't leave me after this, he ain't leaving!


If we didn't feed him, he would totally run away!

Here’s to the last day of November! 
Your old(er) friend,

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