Music Monday: The food edition

Something amazing happened today. Mark Bittman declared his undying love for me via twitter. He also told me he wants me to go to Spain with him when they reprise the “On the Road Again” show. I’m hoping we don’t have to have that Gwenyth Paltrow with us this time. Not that she’s not a lovely person, I’m sure she is. I just would prefer she not come along.

What? Well. Ok. “Declaring his undying love” is going a bit too far. I tend to have a touch of the hyperbole. What he said was that he didn’t think one meal of pot roast was going to kill me. (Which I say shows how very much he cares about my well-being.) And then the second message poohpoohed my comparing him to the pope but said, “Yes, this is really me.” Oh my. He wants me to know it is really him. I was going to send him a message back that said, “this is really me”. But then it was pointed out to me by the almighty twitter gods that I cannot direct message people who do not follow me. So there. We were at an impasse, it appeared. I keep checking, but so far he hasn’t started following me. Certainly it’s just a matter of time before he does. In the meantime, I may never wash these computer keys again.

In honor of the magnificent Mark Bittman (and I say that in all sincerity. His book “How to Cook Everything” opened up a whole new world of cooking to me. I’m no longer afraid to try just about anything. And it’s the first place I check for any kind of recipe, be it pizza dough or gougeres, waffles or roasted root vegetables. Go buy it here.), today’s music Monday selections are both food related.

Go get a snack and enjoy the music!



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