Music Monday: another quick lesson

Yesterevening, I posted a lovely (wow, we like ourselves, don’t we?) blog post. It contained a recipe and a quick grammar lesson. Remember? I can remember it like it was yesterday-(Quick grammar lesson: It’s “Russ and me” because “me” works without the “Russ and”.  You wouldn’t say “about I”. Got it? Good!)

Well, after rereading that, I’d like to add another quick lesson. This time, it is a life lesson: It’s “Russ and me” because “me” does not work without the “Russ and”.  Amen. The end.

Because of today’s life lesson, the Music Monday post is a love song. I’m ALL ABOUT the love today, friends.

And here is the song that he says reminds him of us (he is a rock and roller through and through, folks. While I can come up with a bazillion love songs from just about every genre of music, he has a rock and roll heart. [oooo, Eric Clapton reference. Coincidence? I think not!]):


“The wonder of it all is that you just don’t realize how much I love you”

cue guitars and bring me a tissue!





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