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My Heart and Hers are the Same

True love comes in many forms. I’m the luckiest person in the world because I get to love my sweet Beth. This is our song. Be jealous, folks, be very jealous. And then run out and find you a Beth (not mine, go get your own!) to love!

“True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down Don’t ever turn it down”

When true love shows up at your door, make sure you go out and get in the car with it. If you take no other advice that I give, follow that piece. You’ll be very happy you did.



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And I love you, I love you, I love you

This is the song that we will play for our first dance when we renew our vows. If we do that. Twenty-five years together deserves something like another party, don’t your think? And Russ deserves some celebrating for having put up with me all of these years, right?

Marriage is hard, kids. Being human complicates things, makes them all messy sometimes.

We’ve been through so much together…my-cheeks-hurt-from-smiling happy, floating-on-air ecstatic, aren’t-we-amazing contented, this-may-be-the-end bad, I’m-the-damnedest-idiot-on-the-planet hurt, hold-me-I’m-frightened scared, life-is-short sad…and through it all, the one thing that has kept us together is love.

It’s trite. It makes people roll their eyes. Saying love conquers all sounds crazy. Sounds simplistic. It’s not simple. But love makes it possible. All things. It reminds us of who we are and whose we are.

This song is for my Valentine, the man who loves me in a way that astounds me. I can say this to him, I love you, I love you, I love you like never before.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!



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She Gives Me Hot and Cold Fever

Happy Friday, y’all!

Hope you get to experience some of that crazy little thing called love this weekend!


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A Different Kind of Love Song

Love, sweet, sweet love. It doesn’t make the world go around, but it makes the ride worthwhile.

Today’s love song isn’t even a song, but it is a testament to love that is so amazing it will make your heart fill to bursting. And it’s a beautiful love story.

I’m thankful to my niece, Catherine, for sharing this with me. I love that girl!


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February: A Month of Love Songs

I’ll be back to go over the results of my “resolutions” for January, but for now, enjoy this beautiful love song. (BTW, my goal for February is to come here and post a love song/some kind of post every week day. Wish me luck with that!)

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Music Monday: another quick lesson

Yesterevening, I posted a lovely (wow, we like ourselves, don’t we?) blog post. It contained a recipe and a quick grammar lesson. Remember? I can remember it like it was yesterday-(Quick grammar lesson: It’s “Russ and me” because “me” works without the “Russ and”.  You wouldn’t say “about I”. Got it? Good!)

Well, after rereading that, I’d like to add another quick lesson. This time, it is a life lesson: It’s “Russ and me” because “me” does not work without the “Russ and”.  Amen. The end.

Because of today’s life lesson, the Music Monday post is a love song. I’m ALL ABOUT the love today, friends.

And here is the song that he says reminds him of us (he is a rock and roller through and through, folks. While I can come up with a bazillion love songs from just about every genre of music, he has a rock and roll heart. [oooo, Eric Clapton reference. Coincidence? I think not!]):


“The wonder of it all is that you just don’t realize how much I love you”

cue guitars and bring me a tissue!





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FATT Tuesday

So, I just spent about 2o minutes or so writing a post about this video. And then, I hit the publish and the post flew off into the interwebs-never to be seen again.

Suffice it to say this whole cd rocks my frickin’ socks off and if you happened to be trapped next to me when I’m singing to this at the top of my voice, I apologize.

Listen to it, love it and then buy the cd for yourself! Do eeet. No arguments!


Cuz I been runnin’ now for days, pickin’ up the pieces of love…



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