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An explanation (or good lard, woman, you are OUT there!)

So, I got a tattoo yesterday. No biggie.
And bear with me as I talk about it. I promise not to keep going on and on. People with new tattoos are like people with new babies; their tattoos are the bestest tattoos that have ever graced any human body just like a new parent will assure you that his or her infant is the most perfect human ever to walk the planet. Although there are those folks who would prefer that no one know they got one. Got a tattoo that is. It’s hard to conceal a baby…
I have a picture. See? It is so purdy. My mirror needs to be wiped, but you all will not judge me for that, will you?

Yep, I love it!

So, here is why I got what I did where I did. I will tell it once, and then you won’t hear me speak of it again, mmmkay?


This is one of the West African symbols known as adinkra. In the country of Ghana they can be found on cloth and walls, in pottery and logos. This particular symbol is for Mother Earth. I picked it for so many reasons, it might be easier to make a list, in no particular order, just things this symbol means to me. Fasten your seatbelts, kids, it’s about to get all spiritual and hippie-esque up in here.

  • It is the symbol of Mother Earth-In yoga, we are reminded to ground ourselves into the Earth, to feel the Earth supporting us. Feel the steadiness and steadfastness of the Earth below. This symbol reminds me that the Earth was created, with all of its beauty, for me. It reminds me that when things get crazy, I can rest assured knowing that the Creator is there supporting me and when I ground myself in the love and energy of the Creator, I can do anything.
  • It is the symbol of a woman’s body. With all of its beautiful round curves. It reminds me to cherish this beautiful body I’ve been given (I’m not talking beautiful in the mainstream sense. But it is beautiful because I have been perfectly and wonderfully made.). The woman’s body I have with hips and thighs and other round, soft parts. Ahem. I was made this way. My body is meant to be curvy. When I start to complain about my body, I will look at my tattoo and remember that women’s bodies are meant to be softer and curvier. Women should be owning the beauty that comes from being exactly what the Creator has made us to be. Our bodies are made this way to bring new life into the world. Our bodies are beautiful because through them we experience the beauty all around us.
  • It is two hearts joined together. It is the Earth made from Love. It reminds me that the reason I’ve been put on this planet is to fill it with as much love as possible.  I am to love my neighbor as myself.
  • It is two hearts joined together (yep, I know I’ve said that already). It is, “my beloved is mine and I am my beloved’s.”  And that is most certainly true.
  • It is two hearts joined together (yep, I know I’ve said that already. <–and that too!). It is my two boys who I love with my whole heart. (They are the most wonderful children to ever walk the face of the earth. Want to see pictures?)
  • It is two hearts joined together (I’m sensing a theme here). But the fact that one is resting on the other is important to me because when life gets turned upside down, we need each other to rest upon. I want to be that for others and I can tell you that for me the heart that I rested upon (still do!) is the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. She knows who she is.
  • It is where it is, because I wanted to be able to cover it with clothes when I felt it was appropriate but I wanted to be able to see it everyday.

There you have it, my friends. I promise not to bore you any further with it. I just plan on enjoying it for many, many years to come.

If I haven’t frightened you away, please return for a recipe on the morrow.



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Against the wind…

Nope, not that Bob Seger song.  And yes, I happen to like Bob Seger.  Actually, I would say that I liked Bob Seger. Back in the day.  Which I have no business saying. Back in the day. My kids are always telling me that I am not allowed to say any phrase that is considered “cool”. I am not cool.  At least to them, I’m not. They’ll one day wise up and realize just how amazingly cool I am. 



Anyway, I just got home from bell choir practice. (And if that doesn’t prove just how cool I am, nothing will!) In my brain, I’ve been pondering all kinds of deep and profound things to write about in my blog, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need me telling you anything deep and profound.



Wait, can we all just read that up there again. I just admitted to liking Bob Seger and playing in a bell choir. All my street cred has been shot to hell, hasn’t it? Oh, that’s right, I’m not supposed to say things like “street cred”. sigh



I really have no idea what I’m writing anymore. 



Something about wind. Oh yeah, I heard about this crazy dude trying to sail around the globe backwards. No, his boat isn’t going rudder first and he isn’t planning on sailing with his back turned, looking over his shoulder.  This guy is going to go the wrong way and sail from west to east going against prevailing winds and currents. Crazy, si? He’s doing it for the challenge, and I get that. Challenging ourselves is good. But, (and here is where deep and profound comes in . Or not.) we all expend such effort going against the wind in our lives. The winds that come and push us around and that we resist and lament. Instead of wind, insert fate or stress or troubles or whatever it is you feel has taken over your life that you are trying to fight against.  What energy that takes!  And it takes forever to get anywhere when you’re going against the wind.  What if you used those “winds”, harnessed them in your sails and directed where they were going to take you?  Could you end up somewhere fantastic? It may not even be where you were initially heading, but it could be somewhere even better than your original destination. Here ends the sermon for Tuesday.

Deep and profound? Not so much. 



Cool and awesome? Awwwww, yeah!



And if my liking Bob Seger at one time in my life changes your good opinion of me, forget I shared that! 





P.S. I totally should have titled this “The answer is blowin’ in the wind”. 


P.P.S. I am really old, have I mentioned that?

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Google It

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I know very little about this blogging thing. But then maybe you’ve figured that out long ago.

I wanted to find out how to use a hyperlink. And even more embarrassingly, I had no idea that it’s called a hyperlink. I only knew it as “the blue text that you can click on”. The answer to everything is on the interwebs. So I googled. And there was my answer.

Now to link you to something interesting. Hmmm.

How about a list of reviews for the novel I am reading now? Here they are.

Or maybe a recipe for Vanilla Bean Scones from Pioneer Woman?

I’m enjoying the book (it seems that not everyone does) and the scones were delicious (if a little pricey to make)!

A bientot, j’espere!

P.S. The ultimate in embarrassment is realizing that your spelled embarrass wrong-twice. Thank dog for the proofread button.

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