Number 9. Number 9.

What’s that you say? Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks have I been? Recovering from the half marathon, obviously! Has it really taken me 2 MONTHS to recover? Nah, but I’ve been busy doing other stuff. And what if it did take me 2 months to recover? 13.1 is a long, long way to run! It’s fa!

And now that I have recovered, the Southsiders have decided to train for the Lewis and Clark half marathon in September. Only this time we are walk/running it. The plan (as far as I know the plan. I just kind of follow along.) is to walk a mile, run a mile repeatedly until we’ve gone 13.1 miles. And I have to say that there was absolutely no alcohol involved in the decision to do this. But I may have been high on endorphins at the time! Anyway, we’ve started the training. We’re running 2 mornings (soon to be 3 mornings) a week and doing a long run/walk on the weekends. The cussing has already begun, and it wasn’t by me. I don’t start cussing until mile 11 or so, and then I cuss like a sailor! It’s good times! Go Southsiders!

And now, let’s get to the real reason for this post (which I tried to write last week, and blogger had apparently lost it’s mind and wouldn’t let me. But I digress…). My Ike is 9 years old! He turned nine last week, and I just don’t know where the time has gone! My little man who made such a dramatic entrance into the world is now 9 years old!

He is such a great kid! He loves to make people laugh and tell a story. He talks too much at school, but the teacher can’t discipline him because, “what he says is just so interesting or funny that I find myself listening to what he says instead of telling him to be quiet.” Thanks, Mrs. B! Just a reminder to Ike, your fourth grade teacher may not be quite so lenient. Just sayin’. And he’s kind and loving too. What a great combination! He’s a boy to be proud of, and we are!

Here is a picture of Ike on his birthday. Yes, he is decorating his own cake, with help from his big brother. He also helped make it! He loves to cook!

Grandmas and Grandpa came and there was good food and cake and LEGOS! And more LEGOS! All dedicated to Indiana Jones. It was a great birthday all around!

Ahoy mateys, you must see some photos from Pirate camp. Shiver me timbers, they had a great time! Thanks Captain Tomato Patch for such a fun week! AARGH!

And with that, my friends, I am outta here!

Mmmmwah! (Yes, she IS unbelievably cute!)

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  1. Too fun! My boys were impressed that your boys got to go to pirate camp!

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