Food, glorious food!

I love food!
How cute is this heart-shaped goat cheese from a local cheesemaker?
Dinner last night was so good. We had tuna, marinated for a short time in lime juice and soy sauce (Mr. Bittman, you’re a genius!) We then cooked it on the grill.

And then made a lovely pasta with these ingredients. The cheese and the whole wheat pasta were bought at the farmer’s market yesterday morning. The woman selling the cheese happened to be right next to the pasta seller. She saw me buy the linguini and said that the chive chevre and some butter would make a wonderful sauce for it. Twist my arm! Butter and goat cheese? How could that be bad? I used about half of the cheese and about 3 TBS of butter. Salt and pepper finished it off.
Here is the finished dinner. It included these wonderful green beans, also bought at the farmer’s market.

I didn’t eat all of my tuna, which made my husband very happy. He gladly finished the rest!

Can’t wait to eat the rest of my farmer’s market finds!

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