Car Thoughts

  • What the fuck kind of bird is THAT?
  • Billboard-“Jesus Christ is still coming”- Maybe “still on his way” would be a better choice of phrase.
  • Hey dude! I can totally see you over there picking your nose! Good dog, is there a treasure up in there or what?
  • You, Mr. Dick Motorcycle Man, are why people dislike motorcyclists. You, personally.
  • I’ve invented brain yoga!
  • AAAARGH! Not again with the Lady Antebellum! I think I may throw up.
  • You are so right, I should only be doing 60 on the highway. Thank you for being in the fast lane and preventing me from speeding. Your goodness will be rewarded in heaven.
  • I want Michelle Obama arms.
  • I hope no one notices that I have two different socks on.
  • I just burnt my uvula.
  • ♪Silent e is a ninja. Silent e is a ninja.♫

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One response to “Car Thoughts

  1. Beth

    You crack me up! Brain yoga! HEE!

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