Maybe we should have named him Scrooge…

Why doesn't he just use his laser eyes??


Since last Monday (the real last Monday, not the pseudo-Monday that was Wednesday here on the blog), it has come to my attention that my big, strong, terribly ferocious beast of a dog is frightened by all manner of blow up/light up/wire-constructed/plastic-molded Christmas lawn decorations.

On our walks whenever we pass one of these lawn decorations, which is every other house in this neighborhood, he cowers and then does his little I’m-not-turning-my-back-on-THAT dance. He often ends up walking backwards away from whatever wise man, penquin, blow-up Santa, grape-vine reindeer statue, et al.  that we pass.  I don’t think I need to explain how this can make for a very unrelaxing walk. On the other hand, we have been walking faster.

And I have to admit that the giant Donald Duck dressed as Santa scares the living daylights out of me too!



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One response to “Maybe we should have named him Scrooge…

  1. Connie

    That is to funny! I bet he is something to see.

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